"Last year’s federal election affected everyone: Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Pirates, and anyone in between. Personally, the election underscored my commitment to preserving and improving our local community for my family and my neighbors. That is why I intend to run for City Council in Cleveland Heights again this year.


Nothing affects the day to day life of my family and my community more than local government. However, with all that is happening around us in America and in the world, many feel the urge to pull away from others, to keep the world at a distance. Instead, we must turn towards our own communities by supporting our friends and neighbors and developing the infrastructure necessary for our community to thrive. The future of our country begins at home.


Cleveland Heights has been a wonderful home for me and my family for many years. This is a community where you can live a full life, get to know your neighbors, raise a family, and grow old. I am committed to protecting and invigorating that community for future generations.


Over the past few years, I have tried to repay the trust and support I received for my grassroots campaign by being active in the Cleveland Heights community. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue down this path - one that allows me to use my knowledge and experience to help my friends and neighbors. The forefront of my campaign will include:


Accountability and Communication

  • With our taxes increasing and the city growing more secure financially, now is the most important time to increase transparency which will empower residents giving them access to the information they need to understand policies and hold government accountable.

Community Services

  • We need to do everything we can to help sustain and grow the existing programs that currently provide some of the basic needs of city residents.

Innovation & Continuous Improvement

  • We must couple our discussions about reducing government waste with increased innovation in city government. We need to modernize the way we operate. Innovation will decrease wasted time & resources and help city workers address the needs of residents.


  • Efforts have already begun to look at eliminating overhead and collaborating with our neighboring communities; we should continue efforts while maintaining the unique identity of Cleveland Heights that our residents cherish.

Funding & Support for City Services

  • We must continue our strong government and community support for fire, police, EMS, forestry, road services, and other services which keep our residents and our streets safe.

Cross-generational Needs

  • As the city grows and reshapes itself there needs to be continued efforts to help support our senior citizen population while attracting new young families into our neighborhoods.

Continue to Promote Community Values

  • Our community needs to be committed to supporting intellectualism, protecting LGBTQ rights, fighting racial and gender inequality, and helping our children grow up in an open accepting environment of inclusivity.


Please consider helping me in any way you can.  Whether you want to be a part of the campaign team, help spread the word that I can be trusted to serve on City Council, choose to send financial support, vote for me on November 7th, or just by sending positive vibes my way – I would be honored to have your support.

If you have anything you’d like to discuss, please feel free to call my cell (773-456-4222) or send an email to: Nadas4CH@gmail.com or contact me here. Thank you for your support!"

Getting to know T. Nadas


  • 13 years a resident in Cleveland Heights.

  • Married to Andrea Nadas, his font of strength and stability.

  • Manager of Clinical Quality Systems at EnvisionRx.

  • Case Western Reserve University Alumnus, B.A. in English & Philosophy.

  • University of Phoenix Alumnus, M.B.A.

  • Loves running, lifting, and playing volleyball in his free time.

ACtive Volunteer Experience

  • Member - Citizens Advisory Committee, Cleveland Heights
  • Secretary - Cleveland Heights Democrats Club
  • Liason for CWRU student tutoring for Roxboro Elementary & Middle School
  • Scout Master in BSA troop 414 since 2003
  • Dance Instructor in Cleveland Hungarian Folk Ensemble since 2014
  • Alumni Advisor - Western Reserve Chapter of Delta Upsilon

Core Values

  • Truth and Transparency
    • Transparency is something that people regularly talk about, but don't always follow through on. This is not the way it is for Nadas. During his undergraduate he was a part of a fraternity, Delta Upsilon, who was founded on the basis of anti-secrecy. Every single meeting, ritual, transcript, document was open to public at all times. This way of life was very much ingrained in they way he operates, in the business world and with his friends and family, and will operate once elected to City Council.    T. Nadas has committed to all of you that he is an open book, and that the city operations should also be an open book. In office he will stop at nothing to properly communicate and keep you all informed on all things relating to the city and his role on the council.
  • Family
    • At the core of everything that T. Nadas is, his family is his highest priority. Today his immediate family now includes his wife, Andrea, but even before her existence, Nadas has always held in high importance his relationship with the people around him. Family, to him, is not only blood relatives. Instead, family is anyone with whom he has formed a meaningful relationship, whose needs he would put before his own. He believes that the people with whom we interact are the most meaningful aspects of this life, so it is important that we all continue to do everything we can for the important people in our lives. He is regularly heard saying "family is the most important thing."
  • Innovation
    • T. Nadas has always believed one thing to be true throughout his entire life, a need to be constantly learning, growing, and bettering oneself and the world around him. He has been known to say "step outside your comfort zone; you cannot grow otherwise". In a world that changes so much year over year in terms of technology, social issues, entirely new business lines, and world politics, it is important that change is embraced and aspects are applied to our every day lives. Innovation for innovations sake is not always the best option, especially if there are other best practices implemented elsewhere in the world which can be used for our needs. Let us not reinvent the wheel; let is instead adopt it and figure out how it will make us more successful in our own lives.
  • Sustainability
    • Nadas believes that we need to focus on sustainable solutions and think proactively instead of reactively. In regards to the environment, we know that we  alone cannot solve global climate change, however it is important that we do our part in every aspect of city government to act as an example to our residents and neighboring cities. Everything that we do locally needs to reflect this mindset in all aspects of our work.

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