• Cleveland Stonewall Democrats
  • Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus
  • Cuyahoga County Young Democrats
  • North Shore AFL-CIO
  • Black Women's Political Action Committee
  • Northeast Ohio Young Black Democrats
  • Cleveland Area Middle Eastern Organization
  • UAW Northeast Ohio CAP Council
  • Americans for Democratic Action of Northeast Ohio

Endorsements from Individuals

  • State Senator Sandra Williams
  • State Representative Janine Boyd
  • Cuyahoga County Councilman Anthony Hairston
  • Mayor Cheryl Stephens
  • Councilman Kahlil Seren
  • CAC Member Bradley Eckert
  • CAC Member Parker Zabell
  • CAC Member Gail Larson
  • CAC Member Robin Koslen
  • CAC Member Stephen Titchenal
  • CAC Member David Benson
  • Vikki Nowak
  • Earl Pike
  • Dallas Wood Schubert
  • Jacob Orosz
  • Gus Kious
  • Gary Benjamin
  • Liz & Lou Radivoyevitch
  • Laurel Hopwood
  • Eve 'n' Stephen
  • Louise M Gerlak
  • Helen Hertz
  • Judi Walker Miles
  • Tom Olson
  • Gaye Ramstrom
  • Jeanne Diamond
  • Rosa Kovacevich
  • Ata Adeel
  • Kevin Friis
  • Andy Lee
  • Ernest Durbin
  • Douglas Glaser

Quotes from your neighbors:

“I support T. Nadas for Cleveland Heights City Council!” - Louise M Gerlak

"I support T. Nadas because he has a vision for the future that Cleveland Heights needs to become competitive again as a business and residential destination. He also has the expertise to manage the existing issues facing our community in order to provide the same or better services within budgetary restrictions." - Kevin Friis

"I'm supporting you because the Cleveland Heights needs someone who is willing to dig down, locate, and address the core concerns of the city rather than just hacking away at cosmetic surface issues." - Andy Lee

"I'm confident that Tas will work diligently to improve the community he's chosen to start his family in." Ernest Durbin

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