In response to a question about my involvement in a software startup

I’d like to take a moment to answer a question I recently received about a software company I started with some friends. Back in 2013, we had just gotten out of a concert, and were talking about how hard it was to get information about the show. We couldn’t find a set list, or even who had performed that night. Shouldn’t that have been on the internet? We thought it should, and yet, it wasn’t. That’s when one of us said, “hey, we should create an app!”

I was thrilled to be involved. I had just achieved my MBA, so starting a business based on an innovative idea hatched with friends was a dream come true. Not to mention the fact that if we were successful, maybe I could pay off some of my student loans. So I set up the LLC, drew up some contracts and watched on as my software developer friends did what they do best. 

Like many software products, finding a market proved difficult. Early on, we were asked to set up an information booth at an expo for exotic dance clubs. As we were a business, and weren’t in the business of passing judgment, we went ahead and set up a table. What we learned was, our product wasn’t really geared toward those needs. We made zero sales from that, in fact. It wasn’t until six months ago that we had real success when the owner of the Agora had a chance to demo our platform. I’m happy to say he loved it, and has been using it ever since!

I disclosed my relationship with the company in the Financial Disclosure Statement to the Ohio Ethics Commission (even though I haven’t made any money from it). I sincerely appreciate the interest that this brief moment in my life has inspired. If anyone would like to reach out to me, I’d be happy to discuss it in more detail. Or, if you'd just like to meet and exchange ideas to benefit our town, please feel free to either come to my office hours on Sundays at Phoenix Coffee, give me a call at 773.456.4222, or email me at

Envision Coventry Peace Campus

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."



Those were the words spoken in closing of the most moving presentation I have been privy to witness at city hall. Tonight I was privileged to be sitting in the nucleus of Cleveland Heights. And I don't mean city hall. I mean sitting in the middle of the committed tenants and supporters of the Coventry Peace Campus. 

When people ask me, why do you love Cleveland Heights? What are it's strengths and why are you so attached to this city? My answer has always been that there is an ineffable quality that  is shared by all the people in this town. Tonight I was able to see it, to shake it's hand, to be energized by it! The quality that is Cleveland Heights, in the core DNA of what has been my home for well over a decade, is the amount of people who love this city and want to see it grow, develop, and evolve!

I have seen signs of all of the engaged citizens over the years, in recent memory the movements towards supporting the Paris accords, becoming a welcoming city, and opposing a gas station to be built at Center Mayfield. And I know we will  continue to see the residents come out in hoards for additional conversations around Top of the Hill, Noble Triangle, and the continuous need to improve our infrastructure. 

But tonight I was moved. I was overwhelmed by the passion and dedication of a group of residents who did not come out in protest or support. But by a group of residents who came to the table with a well thought out proposal to enhance our city,  and all they were looking for in return was one thing: Collaboration. It is inspiring to be so lucky to live in a city whose wealth of intellectual and creative capital is immeasurable and whose people want only to give of themselves to the community.

I want to express my support to the organizations who came together this evening to give a presentation which I hear they would be happy to give again and again, and I want to let them all know that it would be a travesty if council did not bring you to the table to continue the conversation. As was stated tonight, this could help create a model of collaboration for the community which will only positively impact our city in the years to come. I urge the members of council to strike while the iron is hot, to embrace this vision, partner with the community and the people of Cleveland Heights, and to develop something amazing together!

Text from my speech @ The Fairmount this evening

Thanks to everyone who came out to the fundraiser this evening. Below is the text from my speech, feel free to share with your friends!


"I have spent the past 13 years in the healthcare industry listening to and working with people from every level, specifically to help them solve problems.

Within my community I have always tried to do the same. Because I listened to the needs of a Roxboro parent, I was able to coordinate what is now a successful and growing volunteer tutor program between Greek life at Case Western and Roxboro Elementary.

As a councilman I look forward to listening everyone and working with all the individuals within city hall and in our communities to implement similar great ideas such as a one stop shop for all community service opportunities within the city, ideas to improve our recycling processes like having dedicated recycling bins, and finding more ways to bring rain barrels to our homes to help offset the rising sewer bills.

However none of these initiatives would be possible if council does not continue to collaborate and lead our city government to focus on the foundation of the city. We need to continue investing in our infrastructure, supporting our safety services, fire, police, ems,  and ensure that all of the fundamental needs of each resident is met.

As we work together to accomplish these goals we cannot lose sight of the fact that Cleveland Heights is not another cookie cutter suburb, we are a community made up of diverse individuals, we do not just simply exist in our homes ignorant of what is happening around us, but we work together within our unique neighborhoods, across 11 business districts, through religious and community organizations to continue to make our city remarkable.

I am asking for your vote on November 7th so that I can listen to you, collaborate with all members of council, and keep Cleveland Heights strong."

Innovation in Campaigning

I want to take a moment and thank my cousin Miklos Nadas whose technological expertise has greatly helped with my planning and execution of this campaign.

I also could not be prouder of him for presenting his hard work at a GIS conference this week and getting the appropriate recognition and praise from his peers. 

Please check out his presentation here to get a glimpse into how we are partnering to use new technologies to help free up my time to dedicate myself to meeting and speaking with the residents of Cleveland Heights

Top of the Hill Development - What do you think?

This morning I attended the Cedar Fairmount SID, where there was a huge turnout of residents who wanted to engage the city & the developers of the planned Top of the Hill development. I found the questions to be very insightful and, as a resident in that district, I was inspired to write up my list of priorities which I will bring to the community forum on September 19th. Here they are in no particular order:


- Traffic patters & safety of the residents on the neighboring streets

- Parking for existing residents not to be overrun (maybe issuing residential parking permits for the immediate surrounding streets?)

- Pedestrian/Bike accessible

- No duplication of existing businesses. I don't want to see a business come in and fail/hurt our current businesses.

- New construction/businesses to provide a value add to the community such as:

- Gym

- Hotel

- Playground/park area

- Aesthetics. I don't truly have an eye for this sort of thing, I just don't want a fancy modern building that will be an eye sore.

- Alignment with the master plan


On top of all of this, my biggest priority is that the developers and council will listen to feedback from all of the residents and be willing to change and adapt to our needs. This seemed to be the case this morning, i just hope that it continues.


Question to all of you: What are your priorities? What would you like council and the developers to keep in mind?


I look forward to seeing an even larger turnout on September 19th at the community center! Read more here:


Dear Mr. Nasdas, Thank you for your application....

In the interest of complete transparency into my process of applying for the vacant council seat, I wanted to share where my journey ended. Below is a picture of the letter I received over the weekend.

I know that the candidate pool was extremely strong, and I have every bit of faith that whomever the council chooses will do a fine job. However, I will say to whomever gets the vacant seat:

"Do not get too comfortable, I will be running again in 2017!"

Video interviews have been posted!

For those of you following the process, Click Here to view the video interviews of the candidates for the vacant seat on Cleveland Heights City Council.

Hats off to all those who participated and kudos to Cleveland Heights for having such a strong candidate pool.

Additional thanks to the League of Women's Voters who had a volunteer take the time to moderate this round of interviews!

Reflection after the Election

I took the past two days to recuperate and I gave myself time to reflect on this entire campaign process. I have come to a few preliminary conclusions:


1. Not only did I learn and grow as an individual, I feel more in touch with the community, my neighbors, all the people around than I ever have before. I know that, in the past 4 months, seeds were planted which will blossom into  life long friendships as I become more and more ingrained in the community. 


2. I had more people supporting me than I even knew. I personally did not speak with 2,380 people, and yet that was the final result. I am overwhelmed by that number, and am invigorated by it. More so, there were many people who reached out with kind words of support, and hopes that I remain strong and only see this past election as round 1. Any heaviness which I woke up with on Wednesday was dispersed by all the kind words of those who supported me, thank you all!


3. I will not be stopping, I will be continuing to offer my support to the community/city, and I have every intention to put myself out there for any opportunities and challenges yet to come!