How I view my future role on city council.

In a recent debate the question was posed: what do you view as your role on city council?

It is important that I post my answer on my blog so it is clear to everyone within Cleveland Heights as to how I define my duties as a councilman. First, it would be my job to hold the city management accountable for their responsibilities. It would be my duty to understand fully the operations of the city. I would accomplish this by taking time to meet with the department heads and front line workers and understanding their responsibilities and jobs. I would shadow the various city services to gain a clear picture of what is being provided to our citizens. I will establish myself as someone with an ear on the ground and to be open to feedback from all sources within the city government.

As a councilman I will have to ask hard questions, ensure there are established timelines, and implement communication plans for the work being done within the city. I will give regular updates to the residents of Cleveland Heights, through multiple media sources including blogs, video updates, and local newspapers, even if there is no movement on a certain initiative. Citizens should not be devoid of information, but instead to be properly informed on all the relevant happenings within the city.

A councilman needs to make it a priority to listen, to communicate, and to make informed decisions on any and all policies being passed within the council chambers. Doing otherwise would be an unreasonable expectation of myself, and a disservice to all of you, the residents of Cleveland Heights, who I would be representing and serving during my tenure as councilman.