Reflection after the Election

I took the past two days to recuperate and I gave myself time to reflect on this entire campaign process. I have come to a few preliminary conclusions:


1. Not only did I learn and grow as an individual, I feel more in touch with the community, my neighbors, all the people around than I ever have before. I know that, in the past 4 months, seeds were planted which will blossom into  life long friendships as I become more and more ingrained in the community. 


2. I had more people supporting me than I even knew. I personally did not speak with 2,380 people, and yet that was the final result. I am overwhelmed by that number, and am invigorated by it. More so, there were many people who reached out with kind words of support, and hopes that I remain strong and only see this past election as round 1. Any heaviness which I woke up with on Wednesday was dispersed by all the kind words of those who supported me, thank you all!


3. I will not be stopping, I will be continuing to offer my support to the community/city, and I have every intention to put myself out there for any opportunities and challenges yet to come!