Whistle Stop - Economic and Business Development

Thanks to all who came out to engage in the lively discussion Tuesday, 7/21 at the Wine Spot! Among discussion it was clear that there were clear themes which currently affect the city's ability to grow and thrive. The main things we as a city need to continue to focus on is:

  • Stabilizing and expanding our existing infrastructure including
    • Addressing the still prevalent water issues
    • Laying the groundwork for a municipal broadband
    • Ensuring all infrastructure needs are done in a holistic way aligned with other efforts within the city
  • Ensuring that the city isn't creating more barriers than necessary by looking at existing building codes/ordinances to ensure there is a clear path for new businesses to be able to establish and develop themselves
  • Make ourselves competitive from a taxation perspective.
    • Establish a way for us to stop penalizing people for living in the city and working elsewhere or living elsewhere and working in the city
    • Stop raising taxes and pricing ourselves out of the market driving high income residents and business out of our city.

I look forward to continue these discussions and welcome and additional feedback from residents and others to help identify solutions to all of these issues. As I stated on Tuesday, we need to continue to have a healthy perspective on all of these issues. Nothing we are facing is unique to our city and can be addressed. We are poised to embrace these opportunities to establish a strong, stable foundation and lead our way into an even better future!