If you want to talk, I'll find a time to speak with you.

At this point in time I have been collecting signatures for about a week and I find myself repeating a message that I have not yet posted here: "reach out to me whenever and we'll find a time to meet." 

I wanted to iterate this here for a few reasons, not least of which being because I mean it. Whether it's a phone call, coffee, or a walk through the park, I firmly believe in finding a way to make myself accessible to anyone who wants to speak with me. This isn't just a gimmick, it's how I intend to operate if I am elected. One cannot represent people with whom he is not willing to speak. My want and will is not the only one in this city, and I cannot be successful in doing what's best for the community without knowing the want and will of the community. 

So please, contact me through Facebook, or through the contact page on my website, and let's talk. I have already sat down with a number of you, and I have been riveted. Every single person I listen to has their own unique perspective regarding the needs of the city and how to solve it. I couldn't be more grateful for all of the free advice. Listening to you is the least I can do for each and every one of you who have offered your support to me.