In response to a question about my involvement in a software startup

I’d like to take a moment to answer a question I recently received about a software company I started with some friends. Back in 2013, we had just gotten out of a concert, and were talking about how hard it was to get information about the show. We couldn’t find a set list, or even who had performed that night. Shouldn’t that have been on the internet? We thought it should, and yet, it wasn’t. That’s when one of us said, “hey, we should create an app!”

I was thrilled to be involved. I had just achieved my MBA, so starting a business based on an innovative idea hatched with friends was a dream come true. Not to mention the fact that if we were successful, maybe I could pay off some of my student loans. So I set up the LLC, drew up some contracts and watched on as my software developer friends did what they do best. 

Like many software products, finding a market proved difficult. Early on, we were asked to set up an information booth at an expo for exotic dance clubs. As we were a business, and weren’t in the business of passing judgment, we went ahead and set up a table. What we learned was, our product wasn’t really geared toward those needs. We made zero sales from that, in fact. It wasn’t until six months ago that we had real success when the owner of the Agora had a chance to demo our platform. I’m happy to say he loved it, and has been using it ever since!

I disclosed my relationship with the company in the Financial Disclosure Statement to the Ohio Ethics Commission (even though I haven’t made any money from it). I sincerely appreciate the interest that this brief moment in my life has inspired. If anyone would like to reach out to me, I’d be happy to discuss it in more detail. Or, if you'd just like to meet and exchange ideas to benefit our town, please feel free to either come to my office hours on Sundays at Phoenix Coffee, give me a call at 773.456.4222, or email me at