Text from my speech @ The Fairmount this evening

Thanks to everyone who came out to the fundraiser this evening. Below is the text from my speech, feel free to share with your friends!


"I have spent the past 13 years in the healthcare industry listening to and working with people from every level, specifically to help them solve problems.

Within my community I have always tried to do the same. Because I listened to the needs of a Roxboro parent, I was able to coordinate what is now a successful and growing volunteer tutor program between Greek life at Case Western and Roxboro Elementary.

As a councilman I look forward to listening everyone and working with all the individuals within city hall and in our communities to implement similar great ideas such as a one stop shop for all community service opportunities within the city, ideas to improve our recycling processes like having dedicated recycling bins, and finding more ways to bring rain barrels to our homes to help offset the rising sewer bills.

However none of these initiatives would be possible if council does not continue to collaborate and lead our city government to focus on the foundation of the city. We need to continue investing in our infrastructure, supporting our safety services, fire, police, ems,  and ensure that all of the fundamental needs of each resident is met.

As we work together to accomplish these goals we cannot lose sight of the fact that Cleveland Heights is not another cookie cutter suburb, we are a community made up of diverse individuals, we do not just simply exist in our homes ignorant of what is happening around us, but we work together within our unique neighborhoods, across 11 business districts, through religious and community organizations to continue to make our city remarkable.

I am asking for your vote on November 7th so that I can listen to you, collaborate with all members of council, and keep Cleveland Heights strong."