Top of the Hill Development - What do you think?

This morning I attended the Cedar Fairmount SID, where there was a huge turnout of residents who wanted to engage the city & the developers of the planned Top of the Hill development. I found the questions to be very insightful and, as a resident in that district, I was inspired to write up my list of priorities which I will bring to the community forum on September 19th. Here they are in no particular order:


- Traffic patters & safety of the residents on the neighboring streets

- Parking for existing residents not to be overrun (maybe issuing residential parking permits for the immediate surrounding streets?)

- Pedestrian/Bike accessible

- No duplication of existing businesses. I don't want to see a business come in and fail/hurt our current businesses.

- New construction/businesses to provide a value add to the community such as:

- Gym

- Hotel

- Playground/park area

- Aesthetics. I don't truly have an eye for this sort of thing, I just don't want a fancy modern building that will be an eye sore.

- Alignment with the master plan


On top of all of this, my biggest priority is that the developers and council will listen to feedback from all of the residents and be willing to change and adapt to our needs. This seemed to be the case this morning, i just hope that it continues.


Question to all of you: What are your priorities? What would you like council and the developers to keep in mind?


I look forward to seeing an even larger turnout on September 19th at the community center! Read more here: